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Apparently how people feel after waking up from naps.


How I feel after waking up from naps.


sentences you hear a lot from anime


愛してる (aishiteru) - i love you
どうぞ (douzo) - after you
ほっといて (hottoide) - leave me be
なんだと (nandato) - what?!

元気出せ (genki daze) - cheer up!
めんどくさい (mendokusai) - troublesome
よし (yoshi) - alright

おはよう (ohayou) - good morning
やった (yatta) - we did it!
気をつけて (ki wo tsukete) - be careful
危ない (abunai) - danger
お願い (onegai) - please
ごめんあさい (gomennasai) - i’m sorry
かった (katta) - we won!


whenever i see this gif


i think of this one time my sister was riding in the car and she was doodling

and she finished drawing this shark right at a stop light so she turns to the guy in the car next to her and holds up her drawing and shows it to him

and he looks over at it and he makes like that exact expression


when all your friends start talking about something you know nothing about


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Just wait for it.

Noot Noot, everybody. 


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Finishing off my birthday by watching Frozen